Why Companies Need To Be Careful While Choosing Millennial and Gen-z Employees

Every generation produces work force that is so different from the previous one. The world is moving on to Millennial and Gen-Z, and the companies will face the challenge of dealing with the new breed of employees. Unlike the boomer generation, the present and possibly the future generation of workforce will be very different in terms of resilience, according to an article in Psychology Today.


Declining Resilience


The tendency to panic on trivial issues, such as bad grades and inability to cope with the course work has made the generation more likely to fail in an attempt to survive a great work pressure.


According to the article, college students are finding themselves unable to cope with the pressure of day to day life. Additionally, this generation is also facing increasing instances of mental health problems. The study puts the question mark on the ability of the present generation to cope with the work pressure if they cannot handle the pressure of the academy.


Hiring Millennial and Gen-Z – HRM Needs a to evaluate them carefully


The situation is not hidden from the human resource managers and they are likely to be cautious when hiring the millennial. They want candidates who can thrive under work pressure and take criticism as constructive, and work on it. Instead, they are facing a generation, which is most likely to buckle under pressure. How can they handle bad reviews and work criticism, when they can barely handle the shock of bad grades? What if the employee takes up the case to the court? Even if the company can defend itself, there will be some damages nevertheless – unnecessary cost and restrained employee-employer relationship.


What to Look for In New generation Employees


Just because majority of the students are facing resilience problems, it doesn’t mean all of them do. There are some who had really bad grades and they know what adversity is. Likewise, not all of them get professional counseling just because they failed a paper –they overcame it by themselves. The criteria are to look for candidates, who are not too polished. Beneath the sheen, you will find that they have been mollycoddled by parents and teachers to reach here.


It is vital to choose candidates, who have seen or experienced some kind of adversity. Such candidates are more likely to handle criticism and setbacks more efficiently.


Where to look For Quality Employees


Hiring university has always been the best strategy for the companies to hire fresh talents. While it may be convenient and productive in some ways, looking for employees beyond the traditional method is again the best thing. Today, there are groups of millennial that are ready to take risk and do something out of the ordinary. They are highly independent, efficient and talented and more importantly like to be their own boss.


With the kind of technology available today, companies now have the option of hiring employees from around the world. This gives companies a chance to hire millennial and Gen Z employees, who have the capacity to survive and contribute to the organization.


The Millennial and the Gen-Z may have some shortcomings, but that’s not true for all of them. With an access to global talents, companies can now overcome the problem of lack of resilience in future workforce.

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