What are the most demanded remote jobs for young generation?

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What are the most demanded remote jobs for young generation?

Today’s jobs market is very friendly for young specialists, furthermore, the number of telecommuting positions is on the rise! That is due to the modern technologies and willingness of employers to change working environment. As well, young people, maybe  even fresh graduates, are more open to new opportunities, and they are more on the move trying to see the world, which can be very useful skill for some companies looking for the remote workers.


Work is essential need for yesterday’s students, because now they are thrown out into the big adult life and have to earn something in order to pay for daily expenses, rent, bills etc. Many would be happy being able to combine work and freedom, and luckily for them there are telecommuting jobs among other options.


Remote jobs market has been growing rapidly for the past few years, today you may find a number of websites like Goemployed.com, for instance, offering opportunity to work from home or from any other place outside office. They offer to earn living and have fun at the same time! Isn’t it great news?


Below we can offer the list of the most popular and payable remote jobs for young people. Those jobs are all with flexible work hours, they are not taking all your free time, and their hourly pay is at least two times more than federal wage level, which is approximately 7-8 US dollars.


These remote positions can add a lot to your professional resume, including skills and experience.

Temporary transcript processor

Average hourly pay is 15 USD. This position is also known as data-entry specialist. You will have to process various transcripts at your own time at any place you feel comfortable in. Among required skills are ability to pay attention to the smallest details, to work without strict supervision, and to follow deadlines and customer’s requirements. You may work with certain computer programs, but usually it is well known Word and Excel, however, all information should be extracted from sources very fast and pasted into the documents without any mistakes. The negative side of this job is some pressure in terms of deadlines.

Copy editor/writer

Average hourly pay is as much as 17 USD. For this job you must possess excellent writing and editing skills, however, proofreading skills will be quite useful, too. You may be asked to write a content or proofread and edit, materials for editing and proofreading can be of both types, printed and digital, though, the latter is more common nowadays. Topics may vary greatly, and perhaps, you will be the lucky one being given a chance to choose topics by yourself, some employers just give a direction, yet some can be very strict on what to write and how.

Freelance photographer

Average hourly pay is already up to 20 USD. Higher pay but less flexible hours, and this job means you have to go out to meet people or to visit certain places. As well, you must have specific skills and it is very good if you can produce a portfolio with your works. Additional skill that may increase your hourly pay is ability to work with specific software for photographs editing, like Adobe Photoshop or Picasa, retouching ready pictures will be helpful, too.

Merchandise coordinator

Average hourly pay starts from 21 USD. Merchandising can be done through the special software in advanced companies, so you will be going on site just to make a final touch. However, some companies require you to visit the site for a couple hours a week in order to maintain working routine and to update important reports, or maybe have some team meeting. Creativity and basic experience in merchandising are required for this position.

Social media assistant

Average hourly pay is on the same level with merchandiser – 21 USD. All you need to do is to manage various accounts, or groups, or pages in social networks. Among required skills are resistance to stress, knowledge of social channels and mechanism of their work, and internet connection. You may chat with someone and do your work the same time. However, some companies will also ask you to be involved in content marketing, and for that any marketing and advertising skills are essential.

Video reviewer

Average pay of 25 USD will be for sure, a great deal for a part-time remote job. To get this job you may have qualifications in various fields, sometimes rich language and great writing skills will be enough. Video-reviewing means you need to watch and the assess video lessons giving your weighted opinion to a teacher and students in the classroom.

Online communications associate

Average hourly pay is 25 USD. This job has been in trend for the past few years, and demand for it continues growing in the world of telecommuting jobs. There is no strict requirement in terms of skills and experience but main area of work will include working with social networks, managing website content and its updating, some system administrative work, and additionally writing reports and content.

Non-profit charity fundraiser

Hourly average pay is around 30 USD, can be a bit less or a bit more. Flexible hours, however, will be combined with on-site working time. You will have to take part and support different fundraising events and activities. Excellent communication and public relation skills are the must.\

Software developer

Average pay is already up to 30 USD per hour. Developing software from home can become full-time dream job for many young people with proper expertise and skills. Responsibilities will depend on your experience and knowledge. Developing web pages and mobile applications are among the most demanded jobs.

Web designer

Average pay for this very popular job may reach 32 USD per hour. Certification, diploma, or degree is essential criteria for getting this remote job. It can be part- and full-time, with very flexible hours but believably tight deadlines. Your responsibility will include creation of various design elements for the sites, their update and managing. Beside experience you will be tested for customer-relations skills.

Sign language interpreter

Average pay is 36.50 USD, and it is justified as there are not so many specialists in this area. Therefore, companies do really hunt people with such professional skills. Howvere, you should have a license, there is no exception to be hired without it. This job may also include transcription of videos with use of sign language, sometimes you may need to go to meetings or events to interpret.

Online researcher

Average pay can be up to 37 USD per hour, thanks to the nature of the work that should be done. Attention, concentration, some pedantism, ability to search for very specific things will be the main requirements. You will be supporting professional business people by searching information, processing it, and summarizing it into proper report. High quality explanations and answers to numerous questions are also part of your work. This position can be full- or part time, very often it has tight deadlines. Business education will be an additional bonus.

City-guide writer

Average pay usually depends on project and may vary from 50 up to 100 USD, here you will not be offered an hourly payment. Writing skills are essential for this position, because you will be asked to visit certain places and write about them. Employers can be from various industries, including real estate, tourism, and some other businesses. The most common places to write about are either whole cities or towns, or their particular parts. Just go there, watch, enjoy, write, and be paid! Here you must be very attentive but specific skills are not a must. You need to observe the smallest details about weather, climate, neighbourhood, cultural and recreational facilities, markets, transport hubs etc.

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