Finding work through traditional employment agencies or by sending off countless copies of resumes has become a thing of the past. Many positions are open but the specific requirements for these jobs are not clear and any advertisement attracts more attention than any company can adequately address. This is a waste of time not only for the company but for the job-seeker as well.

The wave of the future is to utilize a virtual HR service such as Goemployed that can bring employees and positions together with much greater ease and accuracy across the entire world.

Matching the perfect candidate to the right job

Companies have been using computer programs and software to help them wade through the thousands of applications they receive for a number of years. Unfortunately, these systems are not very sophisticated and do not really get to the specific qualities required for certain positions. This means that many people apply even though they are not at all suited for the job and the simple choice of wording used may throw out the names of people who could actually be good matches.

There are countless opportunities for people to find the perfect position that guarantees them a rewarding, well-paying job and helps them to maintain a better work/life balance. With the help of Goemployed, a virtual staffing agency, workers can be matched to positions in a variety of fields:

  • Administrative services
  • IT, development and programming
  • Accounting
  • Legal services
  • Research
  • Graphic design
  • Writing, editing and translating
  • Customer service
  • Data entry
  • Education

Telecommuting is serious business

While some people look online for jobs to serve as a hobby or to generate a bit of spending money, telecommuting today is so much more. Among the top 100 US companies, many accept and encourage working from home for as many as 90% of their employees whether it is full time telecommuting or even just one day a week. This allows people to find employment without having to move to a different location or spend hours getting back and forth to an office. These jobs are full time with good salaries and benefits in addition to the perk of having more time to spend with family. Goemployed facilitates these connections.

Who can benefit from telecommuting?

The simple answer is ‘everyone’ but statistics show the demographics of the majority of successful telecommuters.

  • College educated people 50 years old and older who work for companies with over 100 employees
  • Management, professionals, office workers and sales personnel
  • Disabled employees
  • Recent graduates with specific skill sets and experience

Companies also benefit from having telecommuters since office space and necessary equipment can be reduced and less time is lost due to employee illness.

The environment is the big winner, though, when considering the benefits of telecommuting with a tremendous savings on the consumption of oil and the emission of greenhouse gases.

Telecommuting is here to stay

With the facts pointing to so many benefits, more and more people will begin turning to a virtual staffing agency like Goemployed to find the ideal job. Large corporations currently have their own in house HR staffing since they are better able to offer a wide range of options but plenty of other businesses will utilize the Goemployed virtual HR service to offer and fill a wide range of positions. Join the growing trend and see exactly what Goemployed can do for you.

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