The Twitter Layoff: Finding Alternative Job Opportunities

This time it’s not the recession that has compelled a high profile company like Twitter to lay off hundreds of its employees worldwide. Hit by the slow growth rate, the company has recently announced to lay-off some 336 ofits total employees. Jack Dorsey, co-founder and the chief executive of the popular micro blogging website has attributed the need to lay-off to revive its growth.


The result of the lay-off will see the product and engineering department slim down to make the company more efficient. The management seem to think that a “slimmer and “nimbler”team will revive the growth of the Twitter, which is facing the problem of increasing the number of users.Twitter users growth seems to be unsatisfactory compared to the Facebook and Instagram.


Laying-off Employees Not the Best Idea


Experts seem to think, that sacking employees is not the ideal way to deal with the stagnant growth problem. Laying-off employees seem to be the only thing companies can think of when they do not have any other options available. IfTwitter wants to increase its growth, it will need engineers in the next part of its growth strategy. However, there seems to be no clear new plan for achieving the goal. Since the idea here is not to cut the growing cost but to increase user growth, lack of engineers may affect the project. In fact, the lay-offs will cost the company somewhere between $10m and $20m and the restructuring cost will be between $5m-$15m.  


Lay-Offs – Not A New Story


Lay-offs are not uncommon now and they could be expected in the future as well. Whether it’s the HP or the Twitter that chose to lay-off employees to cut cost and restructure for growth, employees’ future is uncertain. Even in the past, top companies have laid off employees. These frequent lay-offs will definitely affect the growing unemployment rate and eventually the economy. There is hardly any system that can secure employees’ future in a company. With a tough job market, finding the right job will be difficult, and in the mean time those who have lost jobs will have to put up with less satisfying jobs.


Looking for the Alternative


Anyone who would like to work from home and become their own boss will find alternate job opportunitiesin telecommuting and remotejobs. With the advanced technology, people can now find jobs that pay well and let them work comfortably from their homes. Telecommuting seems to be the perfect option for dealing with the layoffs. There is a plethora of jobs from across the world.


In a world where lay-offs are frequent, having an alternative is vital to keep the masses from losing their confidence. Telecommuting with its various perks is one of the best alternatives.

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