Telecommuting Is now Making Its Presence: Felt More Prominently than Ever

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Companies are now letting their employees work remotely as telecommuting is now fast becoming the future of work culture with more and more employees preferring to work from home as opposed to commuting.

Companies around the world now have certain percentage of their workforce working from home, either on short term or long term basis. Virtual employees are now seen as added boon rather than as detached workers. Telecommuting is fast becoming popular even thought there is no clear data to tell by how much it has gained popularity. The thing that has made telecommuting easy and acceptable is the internet technology. There is so many ways the employees can now stay connected to their respective employees such as Skype, Google hangout and many more, that too in real time. There is hardly any hurdle in communication other that the inevitable ones like power failure or natural calamities which is not likely to happen more often.

So what makes us believe that telecommuting is one the rise? According to the article it’s unclearly defined, but Telecommuting Is fast on the Rise published in www.nytimes.com on March 7, 2014, the annual survey conducted last year by the Society for Human Resource Management, concluded that in 2014 more and more companies are planning to offer telecommuting flexible working to its employees. The article also mentions how once the Federal employees in Washington worked from home during four official snow days which reportedly saved $32 million government money. This only goes on to prove that telecommuting is indeed a very cost effective method and can be applied to various departmental works.

Another example of the growing popularity of telecommuting is the recent change in flexible working laws in UK. The law extended the benefits of flexible working to all employees as opposed to the previous provision that only allowed flexible working to mothers and carers. The government acknowledged that flexible working helped increase the productivity of the company as well as of the employees. The statement is in fact true since the working hours have gone up along with the competition, there is frequent cases of burn out and stress among employees. Flexible working will help the employees to regain their lives, confidence and health for that matter as they get to do work away from stressful office environment. Employees working from home have been seen to be more productive and happier than those who didn’t telecommunicate at all.

The articles also mentioned some pitfall in the telecommuting idea such as employees who telecommute for longer period of time felt detached and lonely and wanted to get back to office. Telecommuting lacks the spontaneous office conversation and physical presence of colleagues even though they are virtually connected through the internet. This is again matter of choice; if the employees wish to work remotely should do so and employees who liked working in office cubicles can stay put where they are. Another ways is the flexible working which allows employees to telecommute for a limited period of time then they can join the office. Either way the companies have this win-win situation because at the end of the day they are getting their work done efficiently.

It goes without saying that telecommunication is a cost effective method since there are many companies who operate and thrive without any centralized office space and save money. The organization looking for some cost cutting method can opt for hiring remote workers. Since its been now acknowledged that telecommunicating is here to stay and fast growing popular, it’s a welcoming news for job seekers looking for telecommuting jobs. Online job sources like Goemployed is are a perfect platform for the job seekers to find work- from -home based jobs in well known companies. If you are one of those looking for telecommuting jobs then now is the right time to get it.

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