Telecommuting in 2016: Future Work Trends To Watch Out For

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Since the last decade, Telecommuting has made a remarkable progress and in 2016 it is believed that it is going to be one of the hottest work trends. Most of the work trends including Telecommuting and flexible working have already existed, however in the next year, it is expected to play even more significant role.


Large companies have always dominated the workplace culture. But in recent years, the small companies, freelancers and remote workers have helped change the workplace scenario. The big companies no longer have the monopoly as to how the corporate world functions today and telecommuting opportunities have played a significant role in bringing about this change.


Here are some of the workplace trends that will most likely be playing a huge role in 2016.


 Remote Working Will Get Huge Boost


Remote working has slowly made its place in the workplace trends. Today, many companies have flexible working policies. In 2016, there will be companies which will start with remote working employees. The trend has started a long back with so many e-commerce sites coming up. But, in 2016 even more number of such companies will come up.


The technology has played a huge role in bringing this change. Now, small scale companies can have virtual offices with their employees working from their homes. This saves them a lot of money on real estate and other office needs. Moreover, these companies are giving competition to larger companies with their great online services and affordability.


Plenty of Job opportunities


With Telecommuting becoming a norm in the fast changing corporate world, job seekers will have plenty of job opportunities. With the technology, the physical barriers have come down and people can now seek employment in Japan while living in the UK. The same thing could be said about companies who are looking to hire highly talented candidates from across the world, that too in matter of three days or less.


Independent Consultants


There is a high demand for independent IT consultants. The need for on-demand consultancy arises from the immediate requirements of assistant, that is so easily available in the freelance market. Rather than spending money on one big, traditional consultancy firm, companies are now looking for independent specialized consultants for their individual projects. This trend in 2016 is only likely to grow even bigger, bringing in good news for freelancers and remote workers.


Work-Life Balance Will Get Greater Attention


With technology, getting in touch is an easy as it can get. At the same time, the increasing pressure at workplace has forced employees to look for employment opportunities that allow them some flexibility. Even companies are trying to build an environment, where employees have the flexibility so that they can have better work-life balance. In 2016, the demand for more flexible jobs will be huge and work-life balance will become an important part of the bargain.


In the year 2016, there will be some significant changes work wise. Telecommuting and remote working will have an even better future, than it has in 2015. With so many changes set to take place, the new breed of employers and employees will have a plenty of opportunities.

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