Telecommuting Is Fast Gaining Popularity among the Employees and Employers alike

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The Benefits of Telecommuting are encouraging Employees to Switch from Traditional Cubicle to Non-Conventional Work Culture

According the news published in zdnet.com, recent surveys have revealed that more and more employees are opting to work off site as opposed to working in office. The trend is fast catching up primarily for the benefits it offers to the employees. The flexibility that comes with telecommuting, which allows employees to work from anywhere and at their own convenience also reduces office related stress. USA saw 20% increase in telecommuting trend among employees and UK had 30% increase in number of telecommuters. And the trend is fast catching up with other developed and developing countries like China, India, France, Brazil, and Germany.

The changing trend could prove to be a paradigm shift in work culture across the globe. This change has been possible with the internet technology which makes communication so easy and fast. It’s further helped by smaller footprint technology, such as laptops and tablets, which enables employees to work from anywhere they want. Additionally the cost-effectiveness attached to telecommuting is also one of the primary reasons for this shift. Working from home means employees don’t have to spend money on transportation, food, office attire or rent. Likewise the employers don’t have to spend money on office space, office supplies, electricity bills, phone services, parking area or cleaning services.

Apart from all the cost effectiveness and convenience, the greatest advantage of telecommuting is that it increases efficiency with the elimination of any office related stress or pressure. The survey also showed that people who telecommunicated were happier than those who worked in office. Health wise too, telecommunication is beneficial as employees are in charge of their own time and they can pay more attention to what they eat. Moreover the lunch from canteen or restaurant is not always good for health.

Employers, on the other hand can hire off site workers or let their employees work from home at reduced salary. Since the company doesn’t have to provide money for allowances such as transportation fee, accommodation or health insurance, they can actually cut down their cost to large extend. Besides, telecommunication allows employers to hire off site and overseas workers, which mean the organisation can expand its business without worrying about the expenditure on hiring potential employees or providing them with office space.

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