Telecommuting Can Help in Reducing Unemployment as the Eurozone Recovers From Slow Economic Growth

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Telecommuting is a best alternative to layoffs for companies looking to reduce cost

The Eurozone is still struggling to keep its economic growth stable while unemployment continues to worry the unemployed and the job seekers. Although slow  was expected, the disappointment is huge especially for job seekers that were looking forward to better days; employment wise.

According to the BBC news, the big contributors like France and Italy have shown little improvement while Italy failed to grow totally. Meanwhile Germany showed 0.8% economic expansion while Spain stands at 0.4% growth. As calculated on the basis of the first three months of 2014, the economic growth rate in Eurozone has remained unchanged with just 0.2% rate.

The slow recovery of Economy has taken a toll on unemployment rate in Eurozone with at least one in every four person is in need of employment. With no growth visible in the horizon many top companies have downsized their human resource. Recently the top multinational and financial service Barclays decided to lay off some 19000 employees and is about to shut down its investment banking branches in other countries. Although the economy has been recovering it is nowhere near solving the dismal unemployment situation in many European countries.

The biggest reason for unemployment is that companies are laying-off its employees to cut cost. The biggest challenge that the companies facing today is to sustain their loss and that’s where telecommuting can help companies and job seekers alike to solve the problem of unemployment and loss. Instead of spending money on office supplies and office space and commuting, companies can now encourage employees to work from home which will reduce the cost considerably. It means employees don’t have to commute to the office, instead work from home saving money in return. Likewise, companies can also cut expenditure on office expenses such daily office supplies, electricity bills, office space and they don’t have to pay for employee’s transportation or health benefits. Since technology has advanced so much that we don’t even have to go to stores to buy things –we can order them from home. This not only saves your transportation money it reduces traffic and pollution from the cars. The same goes for employees, with internet communication is not a problem anymore.

With the help of Goemployed -an online source for telecommuting jobs, job seekers can now find jobs that not only pay well but also increase productivity by eliminating stress related to workplace. When company chooses to hire off site workers from Goemployed, it will reduce the unemployment rate and will help boost economy without compromising on the efficiency and quality of work.

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