Competitive pricing & subscription plans

  • For job posting you have 2 plans:
    1 month   3 month
    25$           60$.

Now we offer you 1 month free trial for each job posted.

You can repost your job after it expires with promotion rates now:
1 month        3 months
5.56$             15$

  • You can subscribe to our employees’ database and search the candidates any time you need – with our category search you’ll get the best ever results and save your time going through thousands of resumes! Once subscribed, the system will automatically send you the employees matching your criteria and you do not need to search manually any more! We offer the following subscription plans:

1 month   3 month   6 month   annual
15$          40.50$      72$         108$

Now we offer you 1 month free trial for each subscription. You can re-activate your subscription after it expires with promotional subscription plans:

1 month   3 month   6 month   annual
1.11$        2.99$        7.18$        12.92$

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