The New Flexible Working Law Will Boost Productivity and Staff Morale

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Telecommuting is not only a cost effective method but it also help employees focus more on their personal lives making them happy, more productive and satisfied with their jobs.

The new law on flexible working has extended the privileges to all employees irrespective of their needs. Previously, the only employees allowed to telecommunicate were the mothers who had children to taken care of and carers who had to stay home to take care of a family member who is sick or disabled or suffering from other similar conditions. The new law is definitely welcoming news for employees those who wish to work without changing their geographical location.

According to the article The New Flexible Working Regime – 30 June 2014 published in HR Legal Service, the law will benefit employees and employers alike. The law allows employees to seek flexible working facility who have more than six months’ service in the company. With the effect of the law some 20 million people will now have the right to ask to work flexibly. The companies are required to arrange a meeting with the employees as soon as the later files a request for flexible working. If such request is rejected then the employers will have to give valid reasons which must include one or more of the eight points noted in code. And the employers have to give a written explanation as to why their request was rejected so the employees can appeal against the decision. The overall time period for the whole process had been restricted to three months.

The motive behind this legislation is that the government feels that flexible working will boost productivity of the company and the employees alike. Telecommuting is fast catching up as a new work culture and many companies have already adopted the concept prior to the laws. The employees when allowed flexible working tend to be more productive since they work in stress free environment. With the global business scenario changing fast and the market becoming more competitive the working hours have also gone up. This has led to a very hectic and stressful lifestyle. The employees need to work away form the office so that they can reboot and focus their attention on their families and other priorities, so that they are more relaxed and happier and when they return to work they are more focused and less stressed.

As for the employers what could be more beneficial to their companies than the highly productive employees. Apart from that when employees are allowed to telecommunicate, the employers can reduce the overall cost by spending less on office space, office supplies, electricity bills, commuting, employees health care and other expenses. The employees who work from home are even ready to accept less pay than what they receive when they work in office cubicles. This is win-win situation for everyone.

The news are also beneficial to job seekers who are looking for employment without any change in their geographical locations. With the online job source such as Goemployed, it is now easier to find work from home jobs. With the new law backing up the concept of flexible working for all employees the future of telecommuting looks bright and promising.

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