Modern trends in labor market vs your personal objectives. Work-life balance

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  • At a time of lingering economic malaise, gyrating markets and high unemployment, it’s not surprising that workers around the world are less than content at their jobs
  • Yet at the same time in the situation of global economic crisis the unemployment rates and poverty keeps growing. Employees are scared to loose their jobs, they are stressed and they are trapped.
  • Stress is one of the leading causes of employees’ discontentment with their job

Source of stress is the now common practice of employers which attempt to cut costs by eliminating positions and disbursing the workload to other employees.


This results in employees who attempt to finish incomplete work assignments during personal time, such as lunch breaks, in an effort to keep their jobs


Thus detracts from the employee’s personal time, which is essential in maintaining relationships, personal wellbeing, and sanity


The employees who do not attempt to complete all of the assignments are eventually terminated

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