What is Goemployed?

Are you a busy manager or entrepreneur looking to streamline your business and reduce costs? Hire telecommuters!

  • Save your time – delegate your daily routine to offsite virtual assistants
  • Increase your productivity
  • Expand your business at minimum cost
  • Use best practices from around the globe!


Why do you need a virtual assistant?

    You are a busy manager or enterpreneur.

    Calculate how much do you earn per hour? Now, think of the time you spend on solving your daily problems and calculate how much does it cost to:

    • Book your travel
    • Find a place for your child’s birthday party
    • Order a book

    You will come to the conclusion it costs you a lot of money because of the value of your own time. Can you delegate your daily tasks to an assistant? A lot of businessmen both employed and self-employed use their business assistants for their personal needs. For a manager it could put your job at risk if your boss finds out. Even if you are self-employed it’s not an efficient use of your business assistant’s time.


    The solution is very simple – you can hire a virtual assistant, based anywhere in the world and concentrate on your work as well as free time for your personal life! Maintain your own work-life balance and give a possibility to work and earn for somebody else! It is a win-win situation! The same approach can be used for your work related issues if you do not have an assistant assigned to you in your company or if you are an entrepreneur.


    For instance, you need a ton of research done for a presentation you are giving. Delegate this task to a virtual assistant and free your time for the issues you need to deal with personally.


    If you need local support or an expert on a particular project you can have such tasks completed by a virtual assistant or per project consultant.


    Lower cost and use time more effectively by hiring a home based employee for a permanent or a per project job! Learn the power of delegating!