Lack of Equal Employment Opportunities is Leading to Income Inequality

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top level employeeTelecommuting could provide the perfect job opportunities and equal access to income to millions who cannot move to the economically advanced cities

Recently income inequality had been in news and has led to lot of debate about wealth concentration only among few rich people in the country. Uneven distribution of wealth gives rise to income inequality in a region leading lopsided share of income.

According the news published in BBC, the richest Americans who make up to just 1% of the total population are in possession of one-fifth of the county’s overall income. The scenario is no different in Europe; in Britain the rich people who make up to some 10% of the income earner have access to 40% of the county’s income and in Germany and France the rich have hold over one-third of all the income. Apart from the developed countries, even developing countries like China has also seen lopsided distribution of wealth.

The figures are scary as it shows how majority of people in countries like this are being denied to equal share of income and wealth. The main cause of such inequalities is due to the uneven opportunities of employment. With rapid industrialization and globalization the opportunities of employment grow more in economically advanced cities leaving fewer opportunities for those who stay behind in economically backward cities. It’s only natural that those who work in cities have more access to lucrative income opportunities as compared to others.

One of the solutions to this problem is to introduce a fair and effective redistribution of wealth and income policies. This will see that the wealth and income are fairly distributed among people of all regions and not just concentrated among rich few.

As mentioned above, lack of equal job opportunities have also contributed to concentration of wealth and income in few cities only, telecommuting or off site employment could also provide a solution. With the help of online jobs sources such as Goemployed.com, companies can now hire offsite employees from different parts of the country and even hire foreign workers. The advancement in technology has made communicating so easy that employees don’t have to commute to go to work.

Telecommuting provides equal employment opportunities for those who cannot move to bigger cities for various reasons and have to settle for low income. Lack of opportunities means waste of talents in remote areas. The gap between the company and talented potential employees can now be reduced through Goemployed; an online telecommuting job source. Goemployed is focused on bringing the best talents to industry irrespective of where the employees are settled. Though its online database talented job seekers can now find jobs that suit their qualifications and skills and get paid what they deserve. This way global poverty can be reduced to certain level. Hiring offsite and overseas workers means companies will have access to vast talent pool. It will also reduce the expenditure on office supplies and commuting. Telecommuting is a very cost effective way to provide equal job opportunity and help in reducing income inequality around the world.

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