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Find Messengers, Package Deliverers and Luggage Porters Jobs under this category. Miscellaneous job responsibilities of Messengers, Package Deliverers and Luggage Porters are delivering messages, packages and other items to required destinations, performing the duties of a post-runner, carrying and delivering luggage at hotels, stations and airports, planning and following the most efficient route, receiving and marking baggage by completing attaching claim checks in order to create expediency in people’s work. Job titles under this occupation are Messenger/Courier boy, Porter, Office boy and Newspaper/Leaflets Hawker. Sticking poster and banner in prominent places to advertise entertainment, political event or product and collecting plus delivering files, messages, documents within an office are also performed under this occupation. Find many On-Site and Overseas Jobs for Messengers, Package Deliverers and Luggage Porters.

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