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Find Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Transport Jobs under this category. Labourers are often industry-specific and tend to be more common in Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, and Transportation sector. Therefore, Job possibilities are higher in such industries. One can find On-Site or Overseas Jobs for Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Transport Organizations. Labourers in Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Transport are accountable for doing easy as well as everyday tasks, needing the use of simple hand-held tools plus some physical energy. Labourers, under Mining, work with their hands for digging, shovelling, lifting, carrying, clearing, loading and unloading. Labourers are responsible for spreading gravel and carrying bricks for roads, dams, or building constructions. The task of Labourers in Manufacturing Organization includes product sorting and hand assembling of components. Labourers are required for pedalling vehicles to transport passengers and goods.

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