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Find Garden and Horticultural Labourer Jobs under this category. Go green concept is on the rise, as many people are connected to make an eco-friendly environment. Hence, employment for Garden and Horticultural Labourers has wide scope, for those who aspire to protect the foliage of the environment. One can avail, On-Site and Overseas Jobs on this page. This job titles include: Gardener, Gardener’s assistant, Grass Cutter, Tree Cutter, Worker of Ground Maintenance, Worker in golf course, and Labourer of Landscape. Garden and Horticultural Labourers perform various gardening duties under the direction of horticultural tradesperson. Garden and Horticultural Labourers usually work in a team and in places like greenhouses, nurseries, parks and botanical gardens. Mainly, the Labourers undertake a variety of tasks, involving the cultivation and maintenance of trees, plants, shrubs, flowers and gardens.

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