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Find Fishery and Aquaculture Labourer Jobs under this category. Fishery and Aquaculture Labourers’ job titles include: Aquaculture Support Workers, Marine Plant Gatherers, Shellfish Diggers and Other Labourers in Aquaculture plus Fishing. Mostly, public or private fish hatcheries, commercial aquatic farms, marine plant gatherers and shellfish harvesters give employment to Fishery and Aquaculture Labourers. Primarily, the job is to perform simple and routine tasks, to harvest fish and monitor deep sea fishing operations. On-site and Overseas Jobs for Fishery and Aquaculture Labourers are available here. Fishery and Aquaculture Labourers are required by aquaculture technicians, to assist in the operation of fish hatcheries or other aquatic farms and to keep daily records of water flow and fish samples.

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