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Find Drivers of Animal-Drawn Vehicles1 and Machinery Jobs under this category. Animal-Drawn Vehicles and Machinery are operated by the Drivers to perform conveyance work. Mainly, the Drivers of Animal-Drawn Vehicles and Machinery are involved in transporting passengers or goods and animal-drawn machinery for farming purposes. Job titles for Drivers of Animal-Drawn Vehicles and Machinery are: Driver of Animal-Drawn Vehicle or Machinery, Bullock-Cart Driver, Animal Train Driver, Elephant Driver. Animal-Drawn Vehicles and Machinery Drivers Job requires installing the harness on the animal and hitching them to vehicles or machinery, loading or unloading goods, assisting passengers in getting on or off a vehicle and driving animals in the desired direction. Other related job performed by the drivers are collecting fares or charges, driving animals to haul wagons in mines or quarries, driving animals hitched to farm and driving working elephants. Both On-Site and Overseas Jobs are available here for Animal-Drawn Vehicles and Machinery drivers.

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