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Clerical Support Worker Jobs are the Fourth category in ISCO (International Standard classification of occupations). Find Clerical Support Jobs under this category. Clerical Support Jobs can be Telecommuting and can be performed remotely at least some part of the working time. Almost every organisation needs Clerical Support Staff for general office work. Most of the Clerical Support jobs require minimal education and workers can acquire necessary office skills on the job. Clerical work responsibilities in an organization depend on the job titles they are assigned. Depending on the job titles their responsibilities may include: answering phones, running errands, typing correspondence, bookkeeping or supervising. Many Clerical Jobs require familiarity with computer operations and working knowledge of word processor and spreadsheets. Job positions available under this category include: Other Clerical Support Workers; Customer Services Clerks; Client Information Workers; Numerical and Material Recording Clerks; Material-recording and Transport Clerks and General and Keyboard Clerks.

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