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Find Beautician jobs under this category. Beautician jobs can be Telecommuting and can be performed remotely at least some part of the working time. Beauticians provide personal care Services to clients that involve examining customer’s skin and suggesting suitable treatment, applying cosmetics and makeup and helping the customer improve their appearance. Beauticians are employed in beauty salons, spa and other grooming centres or they can also work independently and visit their clients at home or the clients can visit the Beauticians at their place. They can also work for entertainment industry and apply makeup to the artistes, announcers and other persons appearing on stage in film or news. The job requires specialization in makeup or nails etc. The job responsibilities may include giving facial and body massage, applying makeup, shaping, colouring and giving shape to eyebrows and eyelashes, giving clients manicure and pedicures and other grooming Services. With the development of Internet technology there are various Internet projects in beauty, such as for example, Virtual Beauty Courses, as well as Virtual Beautician Services and consultations, which require Beauticians to work online.

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