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Find Astrologers, Fortune-Tellers and Related jobs under this category. Astrologers, Fortune-Tellers and Related jobs can be Telecommuting or Online jobs and can be performed remotely at least some part of the working time. Astrologers and Fortune-Tellers predict future events in persons' lives by practicing astrology or related techniques and give warnings and advice on possible courses of action. The Professionals in this field go by other names such as Numerologist and Palmist. They perform various tasks such as: forecasting future events and conditions of the customer, determining auspicious times for various events such as inaugurations, marriages, journeys and other religious ceremonies; studying the influence of the constellation of stars; interpreting characteristics of client's palms, samples of playing cards, etc.; advising individuals on precautions to be taken to avoid evil influences. With the development of Internet technology there are numerous Internet projects, which require Astrologers and Fortune-Tellers to work online.

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