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Find both telecommuting and non-telecommuting Administrative and Commercial Manager jobs, among them Finance Managers Telecommuting jobs, Human Resource Managers Telecommuting jobs, Policy and Planning Managers Telecommuting jobs, Sales and Marketing Managers Telecommuting jobs, Advertising and PR Managers Telecommuting jobs, Research and Development Managers Telecommuting jobs. Managers will be required to manage people, projects and resources for ensuring the smooth running of the organization. They will be responsible for overseeing many different aspects of large companies. Additional responsibilities may include managing risk, overseeing employees’ performance, negotiating contracts, and planning individual projects. The requirements for the position include relevant years of experience and they must have exceptional communication and leadership skills, along with good analytical skills to run day-to-day operations. Other aspect of the job is that Managers will be required to oversee company business needs, handle daily business issues, manage company associations, and recognize and develop prospective business opportunities. These Managers must have excellent communication skills needed for negotiating effectively with clients or business associates.

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