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Telecommuting Jobs for Travel Attendants and Travel Stewards

Status : Job Expired
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Job Posted By: Goemployed Ltd
Job Description:
We are looking for Travel Attendants and Travel Stewards who are required to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers, serve meals and beverages and render other Personal Services. Their additional job responsibilities include:
  • Greeting passengers while entering aircraft or ships
  • Checking tickets or boarding passes
  • Attend preflight briefings on details of the flight
  • Directing them to their seats or berths
  • Announcing, explaining and demonstrating safety and emergency procedures during emergency situations
  • Demonstrating the use of safety mask, seat belts and life jackets
  • Ensuring all passengers have seatbelts fastened and ensuring other safety requirements are met
  • Administering first aid to passengers or coordinating first aid efforts, when needed
  • Taking care of passengers’ needs, particularly those with special needs
  • Serving, and sometimes selling, beverages, meals, or snacks
Skills required for these jobs are: strong verbal communication skills, friendly and approachable, quick thinking, and excellent customer Service skills. We seek at least 2-4 years of experience in this particular field by the candidates.
Job Category: Service and sales worker
Job Sub Category 2: Personal service worker
Job Sub Category 3: Travel attendant, conductor and guide
Job Sub Category 4: Travel attendant and travel steward
Job Language:
Country: Any
Region: Any
City: Any
Schedule Type: Full Time
Salary: 0.00 USD/Hour