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Jobs for Mining and Metallurgical Technicians

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Job Posted By: Goemployed Ltd
Job Description:
We are looking for Mining and Metallurgical Technicians who will be responsible for providing technical support to the engineers in research and experiments related to metallurgy. Their other key responsibilities include,
  • Helping in construction, operation, maintenance and repair of mines and mine installations
  • Providing assistance in transporting and storing of oil and natural gas, and extraction of metals from ores
  • Putting together charts, graphs and other data for reports
  • Obtaining, measuring and preparing samples for testing
  • Setting up, operating and cleaning laboratories and scientific equipment
The candidates must have a degree in Mining and Metallurgical engineering. We seek at least 4-7 years of experience in this particular field by the candidates.
Job Category: Technician and associate professional
Job Sub Category 2: Science and engineering associate professional
Job Sub Category 3: Physical and engineering science technician
Job Sub Category 4: Mining and metallurgical technician
Job Language:
Country: Any
Region: Any
City: Any
Schedule Type: Full Time
Salary: 0.00 USD/Hour