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Jobs for Chemical Engineering Technicians

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Job Posted By: Goemployed Ltd
Job Description:
A chemical plant requires Chemical Engineering Technicians, who will be liable for assisting chemical engineers in research, development, and production of chemical products and processes. They will work under the guidance of the chemical engineers and assisting them in laboratories, to conduct experiments. Their additional responsibilities include,
  • Preparing chemical solutions to experiment with
  • Developing methods to deal with by-products and waste materials in environmentally-friendly way
  • Optimizing production by analyzing processes and compiling de-bottleneck studies
  • Working closely with quality control and health and safety managers
  • Setting up and maintaining laboratory equipment and instruments
The candidates must have a degree in chemical engineering. We seek at least 3-5 years of experience in this particular field by the candidates.
Job Category: Technician and associate professional
Job Sub Category 2: Science and engineering associate professional
Job Sub Category 3: Physical and engineering science technician
Job Sub Category 4: Chemical engineering technician
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Country: Any
Region: Any
City: Any
Schedule Type: Full Time
Salary: 0.00 USD/Hour