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Civil Engineering Technician Telecommuting Jobs

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Job Posted By: Goemployed Ltd
Job Description:
We are looking for Civil Engineering Technicians who will be liable for providing technical support to civil engineers for building various infrastructures such as highways, bridges, utilities, and other major infrastructure projects. They also need to plan and draw the technical details for building structures for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. Their other key responsibilities include,
  • Analyzing proposed site factors and design maps, graphs, tracings, and diagrams to illustrate findings
  • Reporting maintenance problems occurring at project site to supervisor and negotiate changes to resolve system conflicts
  • Conducting materials test and analysis using tools and equipment and applying engineering knowledge
  • Planning and conducting field surveys to locate new sites and analyze details of project sites
  • Evaluating facility to determine suitability for occupancy and square footage availability
The candidates must have a degree in civil engineering. We seek at least 3-5 years of experience in this particular field by the candidates. This job can be Telecommuting and can be performed remotely at least some part of the working time.
Job Category: Technician and associate professional
Job Sub Category 2: Science and engineering associate professional
Job Sub Category 3: Physical and engineering science technician
Job Sub Category 4: Civil engineering technician
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Country: Any
Region: Any
City: Any
Schedule Type: Any
Salary: 0.00 USD/Hour