Is Family Responsibilities Holding back Women in the Workplace

Even though the British Prime Minister, David Cameron included more women in his cabinet to show his support for gender equality, there is still a dearth of women in top corporate ladder. Even in the countries like the USA, the number of women in top positions is not up to the mark.


Over the years, women have overcome social pressure, patriarchal prejudice, and gender discrimination to arrive in a place, where they have proved, that they can be leaders in any field. However, the small number of women in top positions can also be attributed to the fact, that most women feel uncomfortable leaving their maternal responsibilities for the workplace accolades.


Old Values Still Hold


Some studies suggest that women are less ambitious than men and hence are likely to fall behind, when given a chance to be on the top spot. However, the lack of ambition is not due to the lack of competitiveness. Most women would choose family over a top notch career if it meant moving away or spending less time with the loved ones. That’s why it is quite difficult for new mothers to juggle job and the baby.


Traditionally and somewhat biologically, women have been assigned or hardwired to think of the family first. In case of men, working and bringing the food on table was caring for the family, while for women staying home and looking after the family was caring.  The inclination to choose family over workplace and not the lack of ambition is one of the major reasons why only a few number of women reach the top spot.


The World Need To Recognize Achievement



When Amal Alamuddin, one of the UK’s top notch human rights lawyer with an incredible law career chose to marry Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney and changed her name to Amal Clooney, the feminist group were quick to criticize her. Their argument was, there are only few women who have made it to the top on their own and Amal on changing her surname has undermined her career and the other women.



Here, the feminist group chose to focus more on her famous husband rather than on her successful career. The changing of name is a personal choice, which hardly undermines what she is.  This is the prejudice the world still holds. And, somehow the women are judged for something or the other and their achievements are overshadowed with irrelevant arguments– no matter how successful they are.



Resolving the Problem



Just because women choose family over a workplace, it doesn’t mean they cannot have a proper career at all. There are plenty of success stories, where women have successfully launched a business or worked as a freelancer and have earned a fortune – without working in traditional office.  Today, telecommuting and remote working provide the perfect opportunity to women, who want to have a stable career without sacrificing their personal life.



How Telecommuting can reduce the Gap



Now that flexible working has been recognized as employees’ right, women have a unique opportunity to continue their work at home or any place else. This is a perfect working arrangement for mothers with infants and young children. The continuation means the women can still hold top positions while caring for their families. Meetings are held through video chats with people living seven seas away. There is no reason why women cannot handle top managing positions while living in the same country.



Whether it’s the CEO position in an organization or owning a company, with advanced technology and plethora of work opportunities, the world can now have more women in the top positions.

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