Improving marketing resume for remote workers

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Improving marketing resume for remote workers

Marketing world is very competitive, moreover, competition is getting even more fierce for the marketing jobs on the remote employment market. In order to convince your potential employer to accept you as remote worker, the marketing resume should be very distinctive and catching attention. Remember that manager responsible for hiring new workers is usually very busy person, and apart from his/her routine duties manager should watch and read hundreds of CVs of remote job seekers. If your resume does not stand out of crowd, most likely it will be watched briefly but not read thoroughly.

Below we offer some the most effective yet very simple ways to make your marketing resume for the telecommuting job attractive.

Adding some statistic and figures is important because HR managers would prefer to see actual solid evidence that you are able to provide strong performance and high level of productivity. All you need is to quantify your past or current achievements and put them nicely in the CV. The best would be to highlight traffic growth for the websites, increase of the subscribers, improvements of conversion rate though the landing page, reducing certain cost, if applying to a position in social media company. Remember that numbers always attract attention, so you may even insert them in CV’s headlines.

Choosing unusual CV template. Most of candidates fill common template for the resume, so hiring manager goes through them without stopping, probably, manager may see all CVs as one boring stream. Try to surprise the manager by using some colours in usually black and white resume but do not make it like a colouring book for preschoolers, let the main text body should remain black. Highlight important things and features of resume by different fonts, pick up two or three of them and use wisely. Making use of columns will help to incorporate more information on one page unlike the usual template, also it makes reading easier. Hiring managers will be thankful for that, no doubts.

Highlighting professional skills. It is not only about something common like use of Microsoft products but rather listing skills that not so many people would put into CV.

However, skillset should be relevant to the position you are going to apply, so forget about crochets. Remember that now many companies started to run specific screening tools in order to put aside CVs that do not contain keywords. For marketing resume the most needed skills will be content marketing, PPC, data visualization, lead nurturing, video editing, working experience with some marketing platforms and operating systems and coding languages etc.

Adding links to the previous works to make sure your potential employer can see the actual work of yours. Include links to the social profiles if they have relevant professional information that can describe you as the best remote job candidate.

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