How Work-At-Home Professionals Have Changed the Work Place Scenario

Work-At-Home ProfessionalsImagine a life where you wake up at 7, drop your kids off to school, come back and make a nice of cup of tea for yourself before you begin your work in your home office. This is an ideal living situation that more and more professionals are seeking now. And, it’s not just the stay-at-home moms who are seeking such jobs.


James Joseph, former Microsoft director now asuccessful entrepreneur,is running the company Jackfruit365 – from the comfort of his home. He admits that working from home has many perks and spending more time with the family is nothing less than bliss. He is not alone. Many high fliers like him are now choosing to be their own boss. Breaking the stereotyping of such job roles, work from home is now the new work trend.


What’s Making Work from Home So Popular

Firstly, the technological advancement has already broken the barrier of communication. With the internet, the employees now have a wide stretch of job opportunities before them, which goes beyond the realm of traditional workplace. Long commuting periods, work pressure, stress and more importantly imbalanced work-life has led people to look for opportunities beyond their office cubicles. Working from home is not about juggling work and life, it’s more like a daily routine – work is just a part of life.


What Organization are Allowing Flexible Working

It’s not just the start-ups that are allowing employees to work from home.  Well established companies like the Coca-Cola, Sapient, American Express, Ericsson and Samsung are offering flexible working to their employees. Start-ups have much to gain with this arrangement, as the need for physical office is eliminated, at least for the time being. Not to mention the huge economic benefits it gives them.


So, should you quit your Full Time job to work from home?

A growing number of employees are now willing to work from home.  However, with the flexibility come greater responsibilities. The rules for offsite employees will definitely be different than the onsite workforce. There are very strict guidelines and rules that need to be followed. For instance, your house must be fully equipped to accommodate yours as well as company’s need. This is purely to eliminate any delay or barrier to communication. Your attendance will be monitored and of course the outcome. Most of the companies will judge your performance on the basis of your outcome rather than how many hours you put in. Moreover, to prevent employees from being completely isolated, they may be required to travel once in awhile and participate in meetings.


 It’s a win-win Situation

Today, it’s not that difficult to switch fields of work. With the internet, acquiring skills has become so much easier. There are plenty of freelancing job opportunities that allow people to be their own boss. The best way to choose work is to talk to your organization and if that doesn’t work out, you can still find opportunities elsewhere.

Work from home is the new way to say you have full control over your life, where working for earning money doesn’t cost you your life or precious time with your loved ones.

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