How office Politics is Affecting Employees’ Productivity

In a highly competitive corporate environment, employees are required to think and act individually as well as collectively. However, office politics that often means employees and management alike are at loggerheads (not necessarily with each other) can create differences. This affects employee’s productivity and efficiency as these conflicts often lead to stress in them, which greatly affects their health and life as well.


Getting insecure about their jobs is more of a reaction to the increasing competition than a character flaw. After all, who does not want to climb the ladder of success, even when it means sacrificing relationships with the fellow workers?


Office Politics – An Inevitable Part of Corporate Life


While the word politics itself may not be such a dirty word, today it is mostly associated with power, manipulation, deceit and other fancy terms that usually means hurting one or the other. Politics is an art of governance. But, in the corporate world, it means totally different thing.


It’s quite difficult not to be competitive in the office environment and this often leads to negative behavior. Ranging from gossip to unreasonable rumors, office politics is an unavoidable part of corporate life. Whether an employee chooses to ignore or become a part of it is an individual decision.


How Office Politics Is Leading to Stress in the Employees


When an employee becomes a victim of office politics, it’s only natural that they start feeling the stress and resentment. On top of that, the amount of work pressure adds to the stress. Office politics often brings about the worst in employees. The increasing stress takes a toll on their productivity as employees would question whether they want to stay with the company or not. A diverted mind is less productive and it also has a huge impact on the efficiency of the organization.


How to deal with Stress Due to Office politics


In some cases, the management may be totally unaware of the situation, in which case, the employees have to deal with the situation themselves. They can choose to ignore it, or seek help, or confront the person, or get involved in the politics themselves. After all, revenge can bring some satisfaction even it means paying a price for it.


However, there are other ways to avoid office politics and stress without leaving the organization or sacrificing the career. Successive studies have shown that flexible working greatly improves productivity in employees. The reason is very obvious one – lack of office politics or unfair work pressure. When left on their own, the employees have the chance to work in a less stressful environment with little distraction and quality family time.


Flexible Working – Key to Mental Peace

There is no dearth of jobs that allows one to work from the comfort of their home, and companies are now allowing flexible working to their employees. This is the perfect way to remove you from the stressful situation of office politics for a while. This will allow employees to work better and have a better work-life balance.


Office Politics may affect the productivity of the employees, but there are several ways to deal with it without quitting the company or finding a job that keeps you away from a stressful situation, but doesn’t offer you the job satisfaction. Telecommuting has emerged as one of the viable option of working without any  stress or pressure associated with an office environment.

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