Flexible Working: Why Sleep Is Vital For Your Work Productivity

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Flexible working offers a better work-life balance is a well known fact. But now flexible working has another benefit to offer – better sleep schedule. Many would be wondering how that is beneficial. Sleep like qualities and talent is vital for your productivity. Hectic work schedule deprives employees from getting a good night’s sleep. This has resulted in employees getting giddy or less efficient in their work.

A study conducted by researchers in Oregon found that a group of IT professionals on flexible working schedule had better sleep opportunities than those on their regular working hour schedule. Sleep is vital for correct functioning of body and mind.

Sleep Is Vital To Memory

Not getting enough sleep can have adverse effects on your memory. Employees with hectic working hours with little sleep may have difficulty remembering things. Dozing off at work is another disadvantage of not getting enough sleep.

This can reduce the productivity of the employees. But, still work is work and needs to be completed anyhow because that affects the productivity of the entire company. The solution is flexible working hours, which not only helps in de-stressing it offers employees a chance to get enough sleep.

Lack of Sleep Affects Efficiency of the Employees

Lack of sleep could affect the innovative thinking power of an employee. Prolonged wakefulness could affect the prefrontal cortex of the brain responsible for innovation and creativity. It also affects the decision making power of the employees. Overall, the efficiency of the employees decreases and it affects the productivity of the employees as well as the companies. Flexible working hours can help employees get better sleep, which will restore their energy, thinking power and creativity.

How Flexible Working Helps Productivity

With the globalization, companies now have networks spread across the world and thanks to the ever evolving technology communication is not a problem anymore. But, the downside is increased amount of work and stress. Working for more than 15 hours a day in the corporate world is not a new thing. But, it takes a toll on employees’ life and health. Besides that, having less “me” time and family time has added to the stress level. To counter these problems flexible working hours were introduced to help employees reboot. Flexible working schedules have been accepted by many companies which allow employees to telecommute, adopt flexible schedules and reduced workweeks to help them juggle work and family responsibilities.

Flexible working has emerged as one of the best solution for reducing stress and burnouts in employees. It is the practice that successfully incorporates work and personal life without sacrificing either of it.

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