Why Flexible Working Hours Are Necessary For Better Work – Life Balance

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Many employees are finding it hard to balance their work and life as the pressure of job insecurity and high expectations from the employers taking toll on their personal lives. Flexible working hours have become the need of the hour as the workplace all over the world becomes more and more demanding with each passing day.

According to a news article, employees in Australia are finding it hard to balance their work and life as more and more employees are devoting their unpaid overtime to work to secure their jobs. Employees doing overtime have become common place not just in Australian workplaces but workplaces all over the world. With the global competition getting fierce, the companies are demanding more working hours from their employees. As employees doing overtime beyond their regular office time, their personal lives are suffering, which has created an imbalance in their work and life.

The imbalance in employees’ work and life can have an adverse effect on the productivity of the employees. The stress related to work and failure to fulfill family obligations may result in burnouts and breakdowns. To counter such problems companies need to have a discussion on the issue for it is not only concerns the employees but the whole organisation. Company’s greatest assets are its employees and very focused and productive employees are responsible for the smooth running of business. But, to maintain the focus and productivity it’s important that employees have fewer breakdowns. Flexible working can counter these problems effectively as it offers win-win situation for both the employees and the company.

Flexible working allows employees to work according to their convenience, which enables them to spend quality time with their families and work for the company as well. Working from home is a convenience, which every employee would want at some point of their career. The companies will also benefit from this as the employees will still be working for them with a better work-life balance. At the same time the organisations need to take these considerations seriously and raise awareness among the employees about better work-life balance as some employees do get carried away in their pursuit of career advancement.

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