Efficiency & Cost savings

  • More and more HR managers use outsourcing when looking for employees because it’s time consuming to go through the hundreds of resumes and applications they receive. By using category job posting and category employees’ registration we eliminate the candidates that do not fit your job profile. Instead of getting 500 resumes for the job, you might get 10-15 candidates matching your criteria! You save on third party HR agency contracts without being overloaded with initial candidates selection – the system does it for you!
  • You can get very specific about the employee you are looking for by using all 4 subcategories. However if you would like to manually select your candidates you are allowed to use main category and only 1 subcategory which is obligatory
  • When you post your job, all potential employees will see it in the active jobs list and can instantly apply. Your job will be also sent by email to those potential employees, who subscribed for the jobs meeting your criteria
  • Please carefully preview your job post before submitting as once it is posted it can not be edited
  • You will receive the employee list for your posted job – the system searches and sends you the employees who meet your job criteria.
  • Each time the candidate applies for your job you will receive an email with his/her application and details
  • The system also allows you to subscribe to employees’ database and search employees’ profiles, which meet your search criteria without posting a job. The system will “look” for the registered employees who meet your search and send you the list. More employees’ profiles will be sent to you during your subscription period as they register in the system
  • You can invite suitable candidates and cancel your invitations at any time during your posting or subscription period
  • After the posting or subscription plan expires you will find your job or your search in the archives in your profile and will be able to renew it with couple of clicks!

Language selection

  • Remember: we are working from home! So location does not matter but language of communication does. So, this field is obligatory in your job posting and you can select several languages from the drop down menu.

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