Efficiency and time saving

  • Job categories used for your registration

You have to go through so many job listings to find a right match! You spend endless hours, you write letters, and you call.  Not any more! By carefully choosing the area of your expertise and the specific job you are looking for you get a more focused result. You can accomplish this by using all 4 subcategories. However if you would like to manually search wider job opportunities range, you are allowed to use a main category and only 1 subcategory, which are obligatory.

  • Key skills – create a summary of your key skills and working experience and paste into this field. The amount of text is not limited; however, try to make it short and up to the point. You want to save potential employer’s time revising the applications. Attract the employer and he can further request more information on you in your private communication.
  • Subscribe to jobs database – search the jobs in the database any time and apply to any suitable job you find– with our category search you’ll get only the best results and save yourself time going through thousands of jobs that are not a good match. You will also receive an email with jobs list matching your search criteria every time such a job posted in the system during the period of your subscription plan.
  • When your subscription expires, you will find it in your archive and will be able to renew it in just couple of clicks!

Language selection

  • Remember: we are working from home! So location does not matter. But language of communication does so, this field is obligatory in your registration and you can select several languages from the drop down menu.

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