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Сreate a successful CV

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How to use job classification

  • We use occupational classification, based on the functionality of the job rather than industry.
  • The jobs are classified into the most detailed groups. This tool allows the system to provide you with best matching jobs and saves you a lot of time!
  • You have to define the level of the position you are looking for and select the category accordingly::
    • Manager : select this category if you are interested in senior jobs and add subcategories to define the specific field of the job. Use this category if you are looking for jobs as Senior Executive, Senior Manager in Sales and Marketing, R&D, Production and Manufacturing, Supply and Distribution, IT, as well as different Professional Services Managers.
    • Professional : is the second level of responsibility, which also requires a specific knowledge and training in certain industry. There are various kinds of Professionals including: Science and Engineering Professionals, Health Professionals, Teaching Professionals and more.
    • Technician and Assosiate Professional : use this category to find a job as associate professional in Science and Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction, Healthcare, Business and administration, Legal, Social and Cultural and IT.
    • Clerical support worker : use this category if you are looking for general office work.
    • Service and Sales worker : select this category if you are searching the job as Service and Sales Worker in travel, housekeeping, catering, personal care, beauty, property management, selling goods in shops, streets, at the market or door-to-door and other Services.
    • Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery worker : use this category to find Agricultural and Green Jobs.
    • Craft Worker : select this category to find Craft Jobs in the fields of mining, production and construction.
    • Elementary Occupation : this category is for Cleaners and Helpers; Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Labourers; Mining, Construction, Manufacturingand Transportation Labourers; Food Preparation Assistants; Street and related Sales and Service Workers; Refuse Workers and other Elementary Workers.
    • Armed forces Occupation : use this category if your are a military professional and would like to get a job in this area

Why Telecommuting is the most efficient workforce model?

    What is the most valuable for a human being? The answer seems to be very simple yet very complex – it’s his life!


    What do we live for? – There are thousands of works written to find out the answer to this question and still every human being has his own way to find his own answer to this quest. Can we judge if what we are doing and how we live is right? If it’s good or bad? And how can we judge it as what’s right to one will be unacceptable for the other?


    Why don’t we start by asking – Am I happy? And getting more detailed about that: Have I ever been happy? When did it happen and under which circumstances? How many times was I happy in my life? Am I often happy? Have I been happy last week? Keep asking and hopefully you will be able to find your own unique right way!


    Regardless of what our goals are we all have one goal in common – WE WANT TO BE HAPPY!


    It is common saying that you can’t make everybody happy. How true, as happiness is so unique to every human being! However, can we try to broaden the opportunities for people to reach their happiness? Yes we can by creating more and more opportunities for each of us to develop individually, to build our life so that every one of us can feel happy more often!


    A very big part of our life is dedicated to our work in one form or the other. The other part is our personal time. It is very important first of all, that we have this personal time and the freedom to use it as we want and can – dedicating to our self development, to our families, our social life. If we can give opportunities for people to feel happy at work and if we create opportunities for the people to have a balance between their work time and their personal time we will generally increase the amount of HAPPINESS.


    And what can be better then a world inhabited by happy human beings!

What is Goemployed ?

  • We are not yet another freelancers job site – our main focus is to promote the initiative of putting as many corporate employees to work from home as possible. You do not need the added stress of finishing a freelance project and facing unemployment. We are talking about normal working contracts, not freelancers or ad-hoc jobs, however if you prefer freelancing that can also be a part of your plan.
  • We understand the value your time. That’s why we use very detailed employee/job search based on International Standard Classification of occupations by International Labour Organization (http://www.ilo.org).
  • Our site is multi-lingual and we combine local presence and global coverage.