How to Effectively Manage Millennials Employees – They Are the Future Workforce

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The Millennials born between 1981- 1994 are the future of today’s workforce and will soon take place of the previous generation employees. The Millennials have different expectation from the companies they work for and organisations need different approach while managing the present generation employees.

As more and more employees from the previous generation are retiring, the Millennials will be soon taking their places. As it happens with every generation, the Millennials too are different and the organizations will have to work hard to keep them. The reason being that unlike the previous generation, the Millennials have tons of opportunities thanks to the technological advancement. This generation has different need and expectation and is not willing to settle down for less.

In the fast changing corporate scenario, the organisations have to look beyond the traditional methods of workforce management. Millennials lead different lifestyle and demand highest level of management support. With flexible working becoming the norm of the workplace around the world, the Millennials have so many employment opportunities such as, remote working, part-time working and freelancing. They have more opportunities than what the previous generation had. The organisations will have to think new ways of keeping the present engaged because they are not interested in monotonous, 9 to 5 jobs. They demand more participation and skill based training that utilizes their talents well. And if the organisation does not satisfy the Millennials employees in this regard, then they will have to lose their potential employees.

Here are a few ways companies can manage their Millennials workforce effectively:

•    Millennials are more inclined towards flexibility. Flexible working hours let them integrate their lifestyles with the work. Organisation needs to introduce flexible working hours as a part of their work culture.

•    With the internet and the modern devices, communication has become so easy and fast. Millennials expect the organisation to have an efficient and fast communication and management system that addresses their problems and sorts them out as quickly as possible.

•    Millennials are more accustomed to using technology for communication unlike the previous generation. Communication through emails, instant messaging and video chats are the most preferred forms of communication for this generation. The companies have to make technology part of their work environment.

•    Unlike the previous generation, the Millennials are ready to work at odd hours, take feedbacks, get appreciated or criticized and get paid accordingly. Organisations have to consider these points if they want to keep their strong with the Millennials employees.

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