Dealing With Negativity in Employees – Flexible Working Is the Answer

If one employee cracks, chances are there that other will soon follow. But don’t be threatened by this situation – use it positively by allowing employees to telecommute.

Have you lately witnessed a hostile attitude in some of your employees? May be a negative or aggressive reply? Don’t take it personally because chances are there that they might be cracking under stress.

Stress Could Be the Reason behind the Negative Behavior

Stress is commonplace in employees- it’s not a secret anymore. With all the competition and heavy working hours, employees are bound to get affected by it. As an employer you can hardly blame them because you know how much they have been putting up with. The negativity in employees not only affects the employees it also has bad impact on company’s productivity and the office’s working environment.

In an article published in realbusiness.com, it’s recommended that the respective employees see the situation differently. Reacting negatively to a situation like this will cause more trouble. In the article it’s advised that the negativity or difference in opinion can be dealt with multiple ways and the best thing to do is not to take it personally.

The article infers that a company full of “Yes man” is not ideal where employees agree to everything you say. Use the negative situation wisely and make room for suggestion to improve the productivity in the company.

How Can Telecommuting Help Employees

Working in a highly competitive office environment can sometimes take a toll on employee’s personal life. Since working late hours deprives them of quality family time, this can make employees stressful. Stress also has very bad impact on their health.

By allowing employees to telecommute you can help them regain their life. Flexible working can help them relax and spend more time with family and friends or even pursue hobbies. It’s like re-booting.

Telecommuting Increase Productivity

It’s been observed that when people work in less stressful surroundings, they tend to be more productive. This year the UK governments extended the privilege of flexible working to all employees irrespective of their needs. The government acknowledged that flexible working will increase the productivity of both the employees and the company.

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