There are countless ways that money is wasted at brick and mortar shops and businesses. One in particular is the expense due to use and loss of office supplies. When you add up all the little things that are needed for staff to not only do their job but to be comfortable and help satisfy clients and customers, the sum is amazing.

Little things add up to a lot

The worse the economy becomes, the more a business owner needs to cut out incidentals and that is one more thing to add to the stress and complaints of employees. With online staffing for virtual offices facilitated by Goemployed, the need for office supplies is eliminated and that reflects immediately in the bottom line.

There are obvious supplies that are part of any business enterprise.

  • Office furniture
  • Decorations
  • Computers, printers, copiers and fax machines
  • Paper
  • Filing cabinets, folders, dividers and tabs

There are also many little things that add up to an amazing amount.

  • Rest room supplies
  • Employee lounge and/or kitchen items
  • Desk items such as pens and pencils, scissors, staplers, paper clips, push pins and the like
  • Trash receptacles
  • Cleaning equipment and supplies

The virtual office is clutter-free

A virtual office staffed by telecommuters provided by Goemployed needs none of the listed items. Office workers would not expect to purchase these things on their own but that is exactly what happens when the home is the work place – and it is not an issue! Most if not all of these typical supplies are already there.

Goemployed creates a win-win-win situation in that the business has reduced costs, employees are happier and more productive working from a comfortable home environment and there is a significant reduction in the overall carbon footprint.

Meetings are also cost-free

Another line item in the list of necessary office supplies is the preparation for large meetings. Especially within larger companies, this usually entails special folders or binders for presentations, pens, paper and other things for each participant, displays, wipe-off boards and easels and refreshments.
With the real-time virtual meetings possible with attendees from anywhere in the world, there is no need for the usual supplies or travel requirements. Goemployed virtual staffing is able to bring more people together quickly, conveniently and with no extra expense.

Eliminate office supplies without interfering with efficiency

While office supplies add up to a large expense that is necessary for ordinary business operations, eliminating the need for them through Goemployed virtual staffing solutions allows any company to thrive without missing a beat.

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